Secure Provenance & Bring Digital Objects to Life

Esaiyo’s proprietary engine combines blockchain and graph technology to track and trace digital assets across any platform, define them through their unique attributes, and display them as individuals or in collections.

Esaiyo Trace

  • Track & trace digital assets across multiple chains
  • Backup your NFTs
  • Easily move assets between EVM & Solana chains without losing data

Esaiyo Path

  • Preserve physical objects & connect their histories
  • Build & surface the stories of objects through time & space
  • Visualize object social identities and relationships


Esaiyo believes all objects — physical, conceptual, and digital — have stories to tell and rights to individual existence which is secure, provable, testable, and audited. Evidence of asset behaviors should be easily available to anyone, anywhere. Currently, when a digital asset is created, the history, attributes, and behavior of the asset remain intact only so long as that asset remains on the platform where it was created. For non-fungible tokens (NFTs) especially, the “nature” of the asset implies the ability to migrate between markets which can best match with the value of the asset. Over time, NFTs will spend significant time in secondary markets, perhaps even more than on their original platforms.

While much attention has been paid to bridging assets between chains and platforms, there is little scrutiny regarding the metadata of the NFT — including history, digital rights, ownership, relationships to other objects and assets, legal presence and jurisdiction, and characteristics of the object. Esaiyo Trace (Trace) preserves both the asset transactional and intended3 behavior as well as its characteristics and implications for the entire life of the NFT. Moving across chains need not leave valuable information behind (when “burning” NFTs on the original chain). The moves need not be “new beginnings” for an asset (when “minting” NFTs on the new chain). Over time these “re-starts” impact the intrinsic, archival and economic values of the asset itself. Esaiyo Trace maintains all aspects of the original asset as it migrates in a manner which preserves the primary capability of blockchain technology ...

Partners and Current Projects

Government of Barbados

Esaiyo has been working directly with the Governement of Barbados on a strategy to digitally preserve their National Archives and use our SIO and 360 Object Story-Telling Technologies to make the people, places, events and other histories contained in the archives accessible to the world.

Airlift Technologies

Esaiyo has partnered with a Nepal-Based Drone and 3D Mapping company, Airlift Technologies, to bring the people, places, and culture of Mt. Everest and the Nepalese people to the masses through SIO technology and 360 Object Story-Telling. The 3D mapping began on April 12th, 2024.

Memories, history, relationships and stories add value to objects and contain value within themselves. We built ESAIYO in order to capture, connect, preserve and display the history and connectedness of physical and virtual objects.

Raymond St. Martin, CEO

ESAIYO Executive Team

Leadership: Our backgrounds and published IP make us the team to pull off this monumental task

Raymond St. Martin Esaiyo Chief Executive Officer

Raymond St. Martin

Raymond has been leading media and technology companies for the past 18 years. He has worked with professional athletes, large corporations, and celebrities in media and philanthropy for the past ten. Raymond is also an inventor of the Social Identity of Objects patent.

Esaiyo Chief Science Officer Ryan Quick

Ryan Quick

Ryan is a blockchain inventor and a global leader in the super computing space. Formerly the chief architect for the PayPal / eBay Advanced Technology Integration, Ryan is a software visionary who sees solutions and implements them on the largest scale possible.


Andy Van Valer

Co-Inventor SIO, Andrew is a Serial Entrepreneur with over 35 years experience creating strategies and driving innovation in multiple industries to accelerate their growth. Andrew’s focus has primarily been in operations development as an early stage startup team member helping them scale to large successful enterprises.



Audu Maikori

Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry and a lawyer with multi sectorial legal experience in Infrastucture, Public transport systems, Privatization and intellectual Property . Skilled in Management, Business Development, Human Resources, Music, Film , Esports and Trademarks. Strong business development professional with cognate experience and certified skills in Management, innovation, and Technology.


Roberto Clemente, Jr.

A universally respected philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, producer, former broadcaster, and former professional baseball player.

“We envision a future where the social identities of objects connect us all, and preserve the moments, stories and objects that define our existence.

Imagine if all the content from the library of Alexandria lived in a distributed network and could be experienced today. Tyrants and conquerors could not easily destroy the evidence and rewrite history in their favor.

We believe that social identities and their relationships will get us closer to verifiable Truth. A truth that, as a race, we should be striving to comprehend and live to achieve.”


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